Ridership Rules

The following riding rules have been developed to help each HOP passenger enjoy the ride and to maximize safety for everyone.

Keeping the bus stop areas clean and free of trash is a team effort. Although we have staff to periodically clean bus stops and cut grass and weeds, passengers should take trash with them. It is prohibitively expensive to place trash cans at each stop or even each shelter, and everyone helping together can keep the bus stops clean for everyone’s use.

  1. Passengers should sit promptly after boarding or use hand rails while walking to the seat so the driver can continue service without causing a passenger to fall.
  2. Passengers should remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop, or use hand rails to keep from falling. In our Rural Divisions, all passengers must be seated at all times.
  3. Adult passengers must properly supervise all children and ensure they remain quiet and seated.
  4. All luggage, packages, and parcels must be kept safely beside the passenger to avoid tripping hazards.
  5. If the bus is full, and passengers must stand, they must hold on to rails to avoid falls.
  6. Passengers must be very careful when boarding and alighting the bus to avoid tripping, slipping or falling, especially watching for steps, curbs, and street gutters.
  7. No radios, music boxes, boom boxes, or other distractions are allowed.
  8. No use of tobacco products is allowed while riding any HCTD vehicle.
  9. Shoes and shirt must be worn. No swim suits allowed.
  10. No open containers are allowed – Only spill proof containers are allowed on the bus – Styrofoam “to go” cups, even with lids, are not considered spill proof.
  11. No trash, gum, or discarded foodstuffs or containers are to be left on the bus.
  12. No food or drink is allowed.
  13. No person shall deface, damage, write upon, soil, spit in or on any HCTD vehicle.
  14. No pets or animals are allowed on the vehicle other than a service animal accompanying a person with a disability, or an animal in a cage or approved standard pet carrier.
  15. No person shall possess any explosives or carry any corrosive acid or flammable liquid, gasoline or a gasoline container or any type of hazardous material while on the vehicle. (Respirators and portable oxygen supplies are permitted to be carried on and used on board by a person needing them for health reasons).
  16. All portable oxygen supplies/bottles must be secured. You may secure them by using the seat belts, or by using bungee cords, or stanchions. Bungee cords or stanchions must be provided by the passenger.
  17. No ILLEGAL WEAPONS are permitted on buses.
  18. No laundry is allowed on board except in an enclosed bag.
  19. No person shall interfere with the driver’s operation of the vehicle.
  20. No person shall use profane or abusive language toward the driver or other patrons, or act in a hostile or threatening manner on board.
  21. HCTD operated vehicles may not be used as a forum for religious, political, or personal beliefs; and no printed materials, other than that specifically provided by or authorized by HCTD, may be distributed on board.
  22. All children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.